SUFIAN HUSSEIN Bespoke Fashion Designer

Feayn is a Singapore-based dressmaker’s boutique – a bespoke clothing for today’s modern yet modest clothing for both women and men.

It started in late 2013 by dressmaker and fashion designer –  Sufian Hussein, fondly known as Opie, or rather more commercial as Feayn. He had garnered a lot of media attention both locally and overseas, coverage including  by The Straits Times, Berita Harian and Mediacorp Suria Channel, and his most proud moments was on the red carpet at Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

He has collaborated with popular celebrities from both Singapore and Malaysia such as Nana Karia and Sufi Rashid during the Singapore Fashion Week 2017. Other occasion includes Malaysian artist – Zarul (Umbrella) who paraded with his collection during the Jom Raya Meet-and-Greet event.

Feayn is relentlessly focusing on timeless elegance, the couture process, and without compromising the quality in craftsmanship in every piece that he sew. Every couture piece is carefully measured, and meticulously hand-crafted over at his nest of inspiration boutique studio.

A true believer of bringing the best for his clients, Feayn also customises and prints his own designs, and sourcing for luxurious and imported fabrics.

Press Coverage

• Baju Lebaran moden imbas nostalgia filem P.Ramless, The Matrix | Berita Minggu | Singapore | JUN 2018
Stailista Manja S2 | Mediacorp Suria Channel | Singapore | JAN 2018
Fesyen anggun lagi eksotik | Berita Harian | Singapore | OCT 2017
Busana bernadi S’pura | Berita Harian | Singapore | OCT 2017
Manfaat skim WSQ untuk dalami ilmu reka fesyen | Berita Harian | Singapore | OCT 2017
Asian designers thrill with myriad looks | Life, The Straits Times | Singapore | OCT 2017
In Pictures: Singapore Fashion Week | The Straits Times | Singapore | OCT 2017
• Her World Magazine | Singapore | OCT 2017
• Singapore Fashion Show featured 3 modest fashion designers | Goltune News Online | OCT 2017
• Couple hold Game Of Thrones wedding – complete with Iron Throne | The New Paper | Singapore | JUL 2017

 Achievements & Events

• London Modest Fashion Week | London | 15-16 SEP 2018 (upcoming)
• Singapore Fashion Week | Singapore | 26-28 OCT 2017 (featuring artist Sufi Rashid & Nana Karia)
• Ewyte @ Celebfest Suntec City Hall | Singapore | 2017 (featuring artist Fattah Amin)
Jom Raya Bersama Zarul (Umbrella) | Singapore | AUG 2017 (collection sponsor for Zarul)